Thursday, April 23, 2009

Juxtapositon of Real Torture by TERRORISTS and the Torture to Us in the US by the Statist Dark Siders

I chose not to view the be-heading vids of Daniel Pearl---when they were available on the internet
Now-with non-torture 'torture' report released' by the b. Hussein o. and H. Clinton administration thus letting our enemies know how non tortuous our 'torture' is and thus laying the ground for future TERRORISTS' attacks -I offer a link to a vid showing the followers of Islam BE-HEADING men in the most torturest manner...
Please remember that water-boarding is NOT torture-if it were -our own military would NOT be using it on our BEST to teach our best how to resist real torture by torturers....
Cutting of the heads of humans IS TORTURE:

You'll have to go to IBA -embed did not work:

If you viewed the above-you will know why I am out-raged at the libs and their denegration of my country's non torture - but -using techniques that are NON torturous- to gain info from our enemies to save lives;
This from Shepard Smith---I want him FIRED from FOX!!:

Shepard Smith---You and your like-minded statists are are representatives of the Dark Side>>>

UAE royal's brutal torture of grain dealer-he even ran over the guy with his SUV-
Remember-Bush was ' friends' w/ these people-held hands w/ them - his administration knew this was going on:


midnight rider said...

Did you watch the video, CS?

I put a return to here link up over there for your readers.

christian soldier said...

Yes I did-I now know that we must see to believe how evil-- evil is...
Thank you MR-