Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Terrorist Gaddafi-Likes B Hussein Obama....

After Pres. Reagan bombed Gaddafi for terroists acts.---Gaddafi had to eventually pay tribute...

Now -thanks to BHO's ..'arrogance' and 'dissing America' speeches---Gaddafi has had a 'change of heart' (my words)...

Thank You BHO-for weakening us and proposing cuts in military spending!

Words from a terrorist dictator:
He (Obama) speaks logically. Arrogance no longer exists in the American approach which was previously based on dictating to the rest of the world in order to meet its own conditions," Gaddafi said in the remarks carried by state media.

Gaddafi, who took power in 1969 in a military coup in his oil- and gas-rich North African state, was shunned for decades by the West, which accused him of supporting terrorism.

His ties with Western countries have improved since Libya announced in 2003 it was scrapping weapons of mass destruction programs and agreed to pay compensation for families of victims of bombings of U.S. and French airliners.



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