Tuesday, November 3, 2009

McChrystal-bho--I Couldn't Resist!

I was going to wait til the election in the 23rd-NY (GO HOFFMAN) was over but :
Couldn't resist this one ..
I'm sure these words weren't really on the General's mind:
From balloon:must learn how to move photos to fit...small version on post above...
'A community organizer who was not even a Boy Scout telling me how to run a war.
Look at this jerk.How f_ _ _ ed up can this country be?/God help us!'


highboy said...

Good stuff.

christian soldier said...

HB-I always enjoy posting our BEST!!!and their possible or actual takes :-)

MK said...

It's an entirely valid statement to make Carol. And it's also an eye-opener isn't it. The half-wit has been elected, only God can help now.