Monday, November 30, 2009

MOOR Baiting-SRS-Now BHO-Baiting by Somali Terrorists....Interesting....

This reminds me of the fabulous master work by Igaz Duvivier, titled "MOOR BAITING".. c exercised by the Spanish Riding School....(no photo of painting found-will have to do a quick sketch from my book)...:-)
I knew there had to be a reason why the SRS is still going strong-and why our military still trains with HORSES..

Somali terrorists train using B. Hussein Obama (MOOR Baiting?)as target practice....

I read the article last week- there were no photos of terrorists on horse-back!
Thank you - Jim Hoft- Gateway Pundit for this:
somali alqaeda
h/t Gateway :
BTW--my comment on his site:

Our guys had better be training to ride bare-back too-or the terrorist will be a big problem!
If you can ride bare-back and still do battle-you are an EXCELLENT horseman!


wcwk (When Celebrities Were Kids) said...

good post,
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midnight rider said...

You would probably love Horse Soldiers by Doug Stanton. American Special Forces who went into Afghanistan early in the fight on horseback.

(sorry I can't give you a full review yet, only thumbed through it. it's in the ever growing "to be read soon" pile)

christian soldier said...

MR-I own it!!!! it still has the Border's receipt in it - thanks for bringing the book to mind----!!!! :-)

christian soldier said...

WCWK-thank you for visiting and for the heads up as to your site....

MK said...

But will it make obama stop apologizing to terrorists and demonizing America, didn't think so.