Friday, February 12, 2010

PEACE Through Strength -Thanks to the Air Force..


BB-Idaho said...

Neat. Nose mounted GAU-8. 30mm.
Rate of fire, 3900 rounds per minute. Doesn't sound like a gun, sounds like the middle of a tornado. My team made the primer for the ammo. (see us libs are good for something) ...:)

Ron Russell said...

Looks like a good one. The bad guys will hate to see this one coming at them!

christian soldier said...

BB-primer for the ammo-thank you on behalf of our BEST!
As a former lib - I empathize - there is HOPE for you...(-: :-)

RR-mya take too!!!

BB-Idaho said...

Well, CS, I guess there is hope.
The technology on that weapon system is awsome:
"The basic GAU-8/A gun closely follows the philosophy of Richard Gatling's original. Each of the seven 30mm barrels is a simple non-repeating rifle, with its own breech and bolt; the cocking and firing mechanism is built into the bolt. The bolt rams the shell into the breech and locks into position; a cocking pin compresses the firing spring, and a trigger releases it. The bolt is unlocked, and slides back to withdraw the empty cartridge case."
..which need occur 65 times each second! Put that thing on an A-10
Warthog platform and ya got what IMO, is our finest weapon. Oops!
make that second finest; the boots on the ground troops are our finest!