Friday, April 15, 2011

Be Encouraged-Patriots in the "Business" --Hollywood

It was a pleasure to listen to Deborah Flora at my Republican Woman's meeting-
She and her husband produce films and documentaries that have a conservative - Patriot focus---
"Lt Dan Band: For the Common Good" being one of their latest!
You all remember Gary Sinise as Lt Dan-
You all probably know that Mr. Sinise has traveled to our troops with his band- in the "business"!

ht JAWA- Sinise speaking about our BEST and their growing battle w/ suicide has become more and more of an issue the longer these non declared 'wars' go on and the fact that our BEST feel and know that they are out of touch with the general populous of the US..

Be encouraged - my friends--
As I have stated here before- the Christian "leaders'" left the field of "battle" in 1966-
Before then- all films has to pass 'muster' for family orientation-
Now-we know what happened to the film industry after the Christians stopped monitoring we have 'porn' on a regular basis-called "art"!

Yeh for the brave Flora family and for those like Sinise-


Kid said...

Gary Sinise has done some great things and continues to. It's great to point these folks out.

christian soldier said...

K thank you for agreeing w/ me (-:
The true conservatives in the entertainment business put their careers at risk if they come out of the liberal labeled "closet"

MK said...

I hope those fighting for America remember we pray for them and hopefully their commander in chief will stop using them as his private army.

Always On Watch said...

I love Gary Sinise!

One of my homeschool grads has met with him several times as she is involved in helping out troops, especially our wounded veterans.