Thursday, April 21, 2011

US DoD -and Prominent Generals -Burn BIBLES of our BEST but Honor the Koran

My posts:as you can see-I have been on this since MAY- 2009 !!
and even before -
We were informed in 2002 by the 'powers that be' that Bibles were not to sent in the large - general - boxes that we sent to our Troops -- right after 9-11-!!!
WHY-because it would "OFFEND" those that our BEST were defending!!!
It made me angry then and it makes me angry NOW!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BIBLES BURNED By Our GVT!!-2009 posts and MY Comments for today--

I wasn't going to get into this- even when Gen Petraeus came out against US citizens exercising their First Amendment rights--
I remember a book _Alms for Jihad_ written by US citizens removed from book shelves because a Saudi billionaire threatened to sue Cambridge Press if they did not..seems like book burning to me!
I remember another book - _Funding Evil_ that was also attacked by the above S-billionaire-because it was published in the US --and even though there was a move to remove (burn) it _Funding Evil_ can still be purchased...

I have a long memory of the DoD and DoS coming against the Christian Bible:notice the date of my post 2009!!!
Notice - too- my 'gotcha' title' -Koran burned--I knew that the US gvt would not burn the Koran - they handle it w/'kid' gloves at Gitmo!!!
Horse Pic
General MacArthur's take-and Pentagon Bible burning

Right After 9-11--!!!!!
I also remember:
That we were told that we could NOT send Bibles in general troop boxes even if we sent them to known family members on our own 'dime'! $

We were informed that our female soldiers were NOT ALLOWED to DRIVE in Saudi Arabia-that we had to be "SENSITIVE" to their laws..

I also know that my CHRISTIAN brothers and sisters are being ANNIHILATED over there-by the followers of radical Islam and NO THING is being done about it...

There was NO OUT-RAGE on the part of Christians-not even for 9-11--Hmmmmm
I do wish that General Petraeus would also have spoken against the school in Colorado for NOT allowing a student to fly the US FLAG on his truck !!! h/t :Gateway

Whether I agree w/ the pastor or not- I don't believe a General- whom I admire- should be holding the PC line !! unless he also speaks to the usurpation of the rights of US citizens!!
There-I've stated it - in writing


William Stout said...

It does seem that we have to kowtow to the Muslims doesn't it? They ask for tolerance here in the U.S., but feel free to deny us our religion overseas. They want to build a Mosque just down the street from the most horrific terror attack in modern history, but a Christian can't go to Mecca on a bet. That's tolerance for you.

Everywhere you look, Christianity and Judaism is under attack, but Islam is welcomed with open arms. Even the ACLU gives Islam a wide berth. When Islam is strong enough in the United States, expect what happened in Lebanon to happen right here on U.S. soil.

christian soldier said...

WS-I agree-we are in for a lot of trouble -and soon - I'm afraid...

Kid said...

Yes, really, let's draw up sides, and get this thing really going.

We're afraid of making sadistic, mind controlled savages mad?

MK said...

I'm starting to think the west as we know it is over, it's simply finished and most of us don't even know it.