Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I No Longer "Encourage" "Higher Education"-This is Why--

the OVERT INDOCTRINATION of our young by Marxist-Communists>>>
University educators -totally far left-communist-socialists-
and the slow take over of our ed system started 100 + years ago with Dewey and his friends and was promoted by the likes of Wilson and FDR--coupled with the Eugene Debbs School of Labor...
MO professors-'US Flag is Racist'-HUH!!-and university ed is expensive -so why enroll?!! when your young get this?!!!
thanks JAWA

thanks Gateway Pundit-violent overthrow :

How about :
Self Study-
Starting One's Own Business using the talents that the Creator has given?
or ???


WomanHonorThyself said...

how maddening Carol..good grief!

Kid said...

And they want free college so everyone can get a communist indoctrination on the taxpayer dime.

Always On Watch said...

One of my homeschool graduates will we attending Hillsdale next year. **smile**

christian soldier said...

WHT-K -back in the 80s - I knew Reading Writing and Arithmetic were no longer being taught - so decided to homescool my - in the womb- off-spring--
and- I stopped pressuring same to -go to university-when I realized that the indoctrination was so severe...

Always-congratulations to your graduate-Hillsdale is one of the few I would recommend - and thank you for your efforts for our young---my friend..