Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thank You - My Friends - for Your Caring Concern-

My fight with pneumonia is over!!!
So-with more energy -
I will be able to post !!!


Just found this!!-as a Mother who Home Schooled-this caught my eye-
__SWAT sent to arrest an Home School Mom__-
-Let me know your take on this over bearing governmental action....
I did not allow my off-spring to have the pertussis vaccine-because I studied all of the ramifications of ALL of the vaccines and found that pertussis was too dangerous for young children-turned out I was right-a nephew had had a severe reaction to it and no one in the family knew it - until I refused it!!


William Stout said...

Glad that you are better, welcome back!

christian soldier said...

WS--Thank you-my friend--

Always On Watch said...

You've been sick? I'm so sorry!

One of my dearest friends -- Warren's wife -- is recovering from pneumonia, too. It seems to be making the rounds this spring.

christian soldier said...

AOW-thank you for your well wishes-
Yes-I came back from the loooong trip and immediately came down w/ it!
I hope your friend is now well...

Kid said...

Great news. Yea, the heavy hand of government is here.

christian soldier said...

K-it is time to shrug off that heavy hand!