Wednesday, January 4, 2012

329,445 Human Children Were Murdered W/ Our TAX $$$ -Via Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood (PP) got $487.000.000 of our $$$ (TAXES) and performed 329,445 abortions using said $$$-according to CNS NEWS

God Asked in- Is 59-"What are YOU doing about the SHEDDING OF INNOCENT BLOOD?! KJV
WARNING: The Creator is NOT going to put up with this very much longer...
Check out this site-LA Lutherans for Life


Leticia said...

This nation has blood on its hands. Those of us who have rallied and protested are being ignored. We must not stop speaking for these precious little babies who do not have voices of their own. I will never cease in speaking out against abortion. It's wrong, it's murder, plain and simple.

They Say/We Say said...

As long as the there are believers and those who praise Him-speak out publicly against this, will keep this nation from total destruction. Remain docile and see what happens.
I said it before: this is an old tried and successful military tactic by His/believers HATERS that has been used throughout history to bring down mighty nations built on His ways/in His Name. This is what happened to Israel and Juda-both were divorced for this very thing.
Remember the story about the Prophet that asked if there was three or any one who did not stray, would He spare the City?
Soon, if we do not stop this onslaught against the Christian way, there will be a hate crime for speaking out against any wondrous things said against or done to mock Him.

republicanmother said...

God's wrath cup is almost full!!

Anonymous said...

And yet, the blacks support the Progressives who are creating genocide on their race.

Ronbo said...


Yes, it is true at present abortion has taken a heavy toll of the rank $ file unborn African-American Leftists and elite white socialists...

Whereas, the opposition party of religious Christians and Jews on the Right are having a baby boom.

However, if Obama and the Left are successful in the establishment of a totalitarian America, they will ban abortion and encourage the traditional family. Also, they will drive homosexuals out of public life and back into the shadows at best and at worst murder them as was the case with the Nazis.

Why? Clearly no collectivist society can last long without the traditional family structure. Look at the Nazis - one of the first actions by the Hitler regime was to ban abortions and encourage marriage, even giving medals and a paycheck to "hero-mothers" who gave birth to more than two children...ditto the Communists.

Everyone has to understand that the policies of today's American socialists who DO NOT as yet control the country will be the same ones they will enact when they come to total control.

In fact, some will be 180 degrees off the course they steer today. The name of their game at present is the destruction of our Judeo-Christian culture.

Once this is done, the rest will be easy...Remember both Germany and Russia before their respective socialist experiments were largely CHRISTIAN countries.

christian soldier said...

L-I knew you would agree-

TS-indeed-I am waiting for it to be an hate crime to say the name of Christ--

RM-it is almost full!

B-I know-Sanger (designer of PP concept) wanted to purge the black gene-

R-as I understand-Hitler was an admirer of M. Sanger-(the founder of the concept of Planned Parenthood)- who hated the black race-
he did want Caucasian women to reproduce --thus- the 'birthing camps'--

Kid said...

This has to be defunded.

christian soldier said...

K-indeed--it has to go!