Sunday, January 8, 2012

CIA's Secret Wars-John Stockwell-Insider Revelations

I always wondered why there were in so many 'wars' -in which we in the US were involved...
Vietnam --Drugs?
BOSNIA (muslim SS of WW II)-against the Christian Serbs-
Gulf War- Kuwait had enough oil $ to fight for themselves-
Betrayal of the Shah of Iran - an ally-lead to US embassy hostage situation -
Afghanistan-peasants-happy to produce drugs-
Fast an Furious-guns to Mexican drug cartels-
This video of a CIA 'top gun' revealing insider 'dope' - is VERY TELLING!

h/t Oath Keepers-go to this link a read more-comments have VERY interesting links
AND-MY TAKE-We in the US should DEMAND that we drill our OWN OIL from OUR OWN Shores and Inland Sources!
New News :_Iran -Arizona born-Dearborn Michigan raised (Dearborn-first place to allow loud-speakered islamic 'prayers' in public from mosques) -accused of CIA spying-_

Now this info-CIA funded 'modern art' as tool against 'communist Russia' no wonder awful-un sellable art gained a hold-we taxpayers were paying for it back then!--and the Rockefellers were part of it---link-


Anonymous said...

The world as we thought it was is totally upside down. Most chose to live in denial. I imagine the world looks a lot better from their perch.

christian soldier said...

B-ignorance is 'bliss' as they say : - )

Leticia said...

Yes, it is time that we start drilling on our own land and become independent from foreign oil. And for crying out loud, stop buying from China and start selling American made items.

WomanHonorThyself said...

the world is upside down for real ...Pray hun!

christian soldier said...

L-agree--and let's start making more products here in the US-

WHT-it looks like we in the blog 'world' are going to get the word out so that the world can be turned right-side-up...\

Ronbo said...


Thanks for your support for my newest FACTIONAL literary effort taking shape on the Internet that I have entitled CHECKMATE that concerns a rebellion against future Administration that is bent on the overthrow of the Republic.

The rebel alliance is divided between an idealistic "White Rose" largely college campus crowd and a more action oriented "Red Rose" para military movement.

The rebels are opposed by a future Secret Service - called "SS" in the story - that has evolved into something very much like the Nazi SS of WW II and the Stasi East German secret police of the Cold War.

The action of the novel is currently in Boston, Massachusetts - the birthplace of the first American Revolution - where a latter day "Boston Massacre" is taking shape as a Red Rose cell meets and plots against the Communist Party, USA.

If everything goes as planned, I will have this first draft of the novel completed for publication on March 15, 2012 - The Ides of March.

Please keep this in mind while reading, as you will discover many offenses against the Queen's English in "Checkmate 1.0"...

Once again I would like to thank everyone here for your support...As well as certain Christian Republican agents of the U.S. Secret Service who have made known their displeasure with current events happening in Washington, D.C. known to this author.

christian soldier said...

R-I will keep reading --

I - have tow books - one is brief and in the computer--about the arts - music- being taken from the schools and - due to the lack of them- the up-rise of ADD -sub title-
"Why Are We Drugging Our Brightest and Best"
the other has all illustrations ready+ text-just do not know how to publish...
Any suggestions?

Ronbo said...


I don't know much about the publishing world either, but I expect to learn more when I get the story finished.

At this point I'm thinking about publishing the novel with my own money, since I'm an unknown writer.

I'm also looking into the Kindle Books where you can publish online without going to hard copy.

Anyhow, what do you think about my female characters Fanny and Doris? I plan to make them the central characters...

republicanmother said...

I KNEW that whole modern art thing was fishy and somehow the bankster were involved.

Thanks for posting this John Stockwell piece. So few people realize how many ex intelligence officers say that our foreign policy overseas is not what it is advertised at home.

christian soldier said...

RM-when our tax $$$$$$$ support nothings-