Saturday, January 21, 2012

Act of Valor-'Actors' are Navy Seals..

so many are asking-where are movies w/ real men-or-
where are the real men-
I say- in our military!
ACT of VALOR- actors are active duty Navy Seals!
"We've got to cast the real guys!" said Producers-Scott Waugh & Jacob Rosenberg .

h/t threedonia-


Ronbo said...

I can't wait to see this movie!

When I lived briefly in San Diego, I actually got to meet a Navy SEAL by way of a friend.


These special operators have above average I.Q.s and could be world class athletes.

This particular SEAL I met was a Naval officer with a Master's Degree in history, an I.Q. of 141 and many missions under his belt in Southwest Asia.

I remarked that I was glad he was on our side.

The latest chapter of CHECKMATE:


Always On Watch said...

That looks like a wonderful film -- and one that Mr. AOW would enjoy as well!

christian soldier said...

R-I'll be over to read it -: - )
and-I am glad that the SEALS are on our side as well!

A-Feb-looking forward to it!

G-Man said...

On an unrelated note, you said to let you know when I begin blogging again... Well I've been blogging again LOL! Never stopped really just decreased in frequency for awhile.

christian soldier said...

GM-thank you - I'll be over !

Kid said...

Real SEALs (blackfive) have stated that this movie is as close as you'll get to the reality of what they do.