Saturday, May 19, 2012

b hussein obama Truth Video

Thank you Adrienne-

my take-romney is another LOTE* (lesser of two evils)-*copy right-Carol-CS
romney is already backing off from truth telling about bho--
for those of you who believe that romney  will bring "change" -there is no 'hope" for that-
romney 'went after' his R opponents- he will not 'go after' bho-


KG said...

Romney will be a disaster. The only difference is, he'll be a slow-motion disaster.

Adrienne said...

No, no - thank you for helping to spread the truth!

Adrienne said...

@KG - unfortunately he's the only disaster we have right now.

Kid said...

Agreed on all counts. I'll do what I've always done, vote against democrats. Maybe we get enough Tea Party people at some point in Congress.

All it will take is a little pain and some truth coming out.

Though I do acknowledge that anyone still supporting oBAMa has their ears off.

Leticia said...

I am not happy that Romney is going to run against Obama but better him than the Obama's.

It irks me to no end how the Obama's still have so many supporters. Have they not learned their lesson?

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I read elsewhere about the obamas and their 'sacrifices' to work in the public sector but not really the rest.

Romney had better go after obama, no holds barred because he can be sure obama will be coming after him with a viciousness and dishonesty never seen before.