Saturday, May 5, 2012

Carrots for Lava Man-Winner and Now Leader of Winners.Kentucky Derby Today

 up date-I'll Have Another-the $11,000 under dog-won  the Kentucky Derby-

"Mom-You're the only person I know who would drive 6 hours to give your horse a carrot!"
Eye roll from my son--
When your 'friends' are far away - you go and see them---
Here is my mare-Sweet Charity - w/ her first foal-Star of David. (Mothers Day May 9)
My wonderful mare-Sweet Charity -( Trakehner /Thoroughbred)
and her first foal- Star Of David -(Trakehner - Holstein)

Lava Man is now a 'Pony Horse'-and -the star-of the stable :carrots for Lava Man


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K they are - horses are the best! OK- dogs cats too : - )