Friday, May 11, 2012

West Point Graduate-Killed in Afghanistan

West Point graduate David Rylander of Stow killed in action in Afghanistan

By Jim Carney
Beacon Journal staff writer

David Rylander of Stow is shown in his West Point cadet uniform in his 2011 graduation photo. Rylander, 23 an Army Second Lieutenant was killed by an IED while serving in Afghanistan on May, 2, 2012.

Please pray for his family-and the families of all of  our BEST -


Kid said...

Godspeed David Rylander. Peace and comfort to his family and friends.

Ron Russell said...

This is so sad. I've always been a supporter of our efforts in Afghanistan, but with the announced withdrawl and knowing that the Taliban will surely take over when we leave I must tell you I cannot justify the loss on even one more soldier in that country. It's time to leave, and leave with a clear message to those that will come after that if any attack comes from terrorist in that country against us the mountains will be leveled by fire from the heavens. Nuff said.

christian soldier said...

K- thank you

RR-I agree-- GET US out!
and if they attack- go in to WIN and level them!

Z said...

Look at that sweet face and proud posture.........we lost another great one. God bless him and his family....I hate this.

christian soldier said...

Z-I do too- let's get them out-10 years -Enough-we either go in to win or stay out!