Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Women Beware-Sharia-Dangerous -

This video is well worth the 12 minutes  to watch-
PolitiChicks interview a Congressman on the dangers of Sharia to women-
h/t JAWA


republicanmother said...

Ok, here's my problem with this:
The Center for Security Policy whom this man is representing is loaded with people who financially benefit from the "war on terror".

He's doing this video to get women all scared and hyped up on the Muslims meanwhile our country is manufacturing killer robot drones to be unleashed on the American people If Muslims want to kill Americans, then they just need to get in line, buddy.

If we don't want Muslims in our country spewing their Sharia, then why does our State Dept let them in? Because the UN tells us to? This is just insane!

christian soldier said...

RM- why does our country let them in- it is insane-and where are the Christian "leaders"?!!!

republicanmother said...

They let them in so that they have an "enemy" to fight against. When they have all these women going on and on about Muslims, no one is guarding the castle of the home. What do you want to bet these women are clueless how the Foundations funded Kinsey and overall debauchery? Instead, they're focused on how evil Islam is --it's a distraction so we won't noticed how our freedom is disappearing at home.

I know where a Christian leader is and that is Chuck Baldwin who calls these people out.