Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Cavalry -Sept 13-1921-Happy Birthday-

You all know how I love our BEST- and you know how I love Horses!!
USMA-  West Point--used to train horses and riders (cadets) in Thayer Hall (now it is used for  academic classes ) )-:

Love this video because- it has great music-rendition and a beautiful horse !


Trekkie4Ever said...

What a wonderful break you gave today!

Loved the videos! And I am beginning to admire horses. My boss owns some and even takes them on shows.

We even watched the Equestrian part of the Olympics at work, instead of working.

Horses are so lovely. Brave, too!

christian soldier said...

L- so glad that you are getting encouragement to see horses is their true form--loyal-brave-and intelligent--plus- they make us laugh out loud -God gave them a sense of humor too : - )

MathewK said...

If only they could have been deployed to protect your embassies against the barbarians, they would have made quick work of those neanderthals, pedophiles, rapists and inbreds.

Too bad you have a coward and a disgrace for a commander in chief.

Hope you are well Carol.