Monday, September 24, 2012

Rand Paul-Cut Aid to Dictators -

This is an history lesson on our pitiful Congress-and our AID program -
AIDING tyrants who torture their people--
MY TAKE: AID is no better than the TRIBUTE that the New US paid to the Barbary Pirates-remember-Jefferson had had enough- sent the new Navy and Marines (Shores of Tripoli) !! Madison finished the job-until the progressives arrived in government 80 + years ago!!
Note:Senate vote to Rand Paul's proposal to simply monitor the BILLIONS of US TAX PAYER $$$$ was struck down by our Senate 81 to 10--
Will look to see the RINO Republicans who voted against Paul's proposal..
This video will be 'sticky' - if you do not have time to listen to this great HISTORY lesson in one sitting- it will be here the rest of the week:


Trekkie4Ever said...

I will listen to it, I promise. But right now the boys are doing their homework and I am NOT allowed to be distract them, lol!!

So bookmarking it.

Kid said...

I'm skeptical of this guy. Let's see if anything actually Happens.