Monday, July 22, 2013

8th Grade Test of 1912- bho Could Not Pass It !!--No New College Grad Could Pass It -

I have posted the 8th grade test of 1895 here-
Take a look at the 8th grade test of 1912!!


Marine4Ever said...

Amazing, isn't it?!

I'd seen it a year or so ago. My first reaction was that I knew I couldn't do it today. My second reaction was that I know A LOT of people with college degrees (all the way up to Ph.D's) that couldn't do it!

Mustang said...

I know darn well 99.9% of teachers couldn't pass either examination. This is why teachers today are "specialists." It is entirely possible today that a teacher can be certified in English, without the capacity for adding simple numbers.

So under these circumstances, how can America possibly succeed?

christian soldier said...

M4-I always wondered why my Grandmother w/ "only" an 8th grade education-could do math in circles around us !!til I saw the 8th grade test of 1895!!

christian soldier said...

M- the dumbing down of the U. S citizenry was/is a covert-- now overt action--
or maybe not so covert as John Dewey (communist) wrote a plan to take down the excellent Ed system of the US at the turn of the last - last century...

Ema Nymton said...


"I know darn well 99.9% of teachers couldn't pass either examination."

Impressive. 99.9% and you "know" it. Wow. From where did you pull this number?

I know the sun goes around the earth because I see the sun come up in the east and set in the west. And the next morning the sun comes up again in the east.

Is it possible to ask a question that cannot be answered?

Ema Nymton

Marine4Ever said...

Congratulations, Not My Name aka Enema, once again you've managed to show your ass with the most inane statement yet: "I know the sun goes around the earth..."


In regards to your question, "Is it possible to ask a question that cannot be answered?" After that statement about "I know the sun goes around the earth..." you'd be better off not reading that 8th Grade Test of 1912. It's completely filled with questions that you couldn't even begin to answer.

christian soldier said...

M4 - thank you for your come back to 'enema's' comment--

Mustang said...

Well Enema, I affiliated with educationalists for more than 20 years, at both the secondary and post-secondary level.

Marine4Ever said...


Huuh, Enema -- Mustang's 20 years at the 2nddary* and post-2nddary** level beats your 72 years at the Kinder Kare level.

* Bet you didn't know you could abbreviate like that, huh?
** Ditto

Robert Sinclair said...

I would certainly like to have Enema's autograph. How many people can boast of having the autograph of the world's dumbest person?

Mustang said...

Anyone who has an autographed copy of a book written by Barack Obama ...?