Thursday, July 18, 2013

Marines Brutalized in Twenty Nine Palms By Black Thugs
Police to Marine's father gets no help from police - It wasn't an HATE CRIME you know!
This is the original report w/ up date--


Always On Watch said...

Yet another instance of black-on-white violence not covered by the media! I'm STEAMED! Really STEAMED!

Mustang said...

This is a rehash of the black racist attacks of the 1970s when 12 to 20 blacks would beat the shit out of two or three whites. Turns out that when the CI people started investigating this on the island of Okinawa, they found it was all part of a Soviet-communist conspiracy to demoralize the American Armed Forces.

No surprise that American Negroes would be a part of such a plot, eh?

Marine4Ever said...

A Soviet-communist conspiracy... imagine that. And I love a redhead!

So, what's this got to do with the topic at hand? Anybody that disses Barry the Fairy has everything to do with the topic at hand.

christian soldier said...

A-I- too- have had enough of the lies - money making race baiting by the liars like sharpton--and our white children being brutalized by black thugs- you know - those poor victims!

christian soldier said...

M-thank you for drawing the parallel-I did not know about the attacks in Okinawa -
bho ans his ilk are communist- marxists-

christian soldier said...

M4-I loved her the first time I 'met' her-thank you for sending the link--
Red heads indeed--(-:

This Danish -Irish woman has had enough!
I am an American - but - have recently searched for my roots-!

Marine4Ever said...

You can write this off as spam, if you want. I've said it, written and thought it so many times that I'm sure everyone hates it by now.

Tough. I'll keep spaming it until they flush my ashes down the commode.

What I hate, Carol, is the hyphenated American part that everyone uses -- Chinese-American, Japanese-American, Afro-American, American Indian-American, Polka Dot-American and on and on and on and on. I'm of Scotch-Irish-English descent and I'm 'white,' but I'm not a Scotch-Irish-English-White-AMERICAN. I am an AMERICAN -- FIRST, LAST and ALWAYS!

Anybody that has a problem with the above, go see the chaplain and have him punch your TS card.

christian soldier said...

M4-got Ya (-:
spam on !!
The hyphen is rather like blaspheme in my opinion--

This is what my Grandfather said to the Danish family when he heard them speaking Danish--

"Ve are in America!- Ve will speak English-Ve are Americans!"!!!!

BTW- what is a TS card?

Marine4Ever said...

Carol -- "BTW- what is a TS card?"

Tough Shit.

Remember... you asked.

christian soldier said...

M4-TS- will be using it frequently!!"-)