Monday, July 15, 2013

RAMIREZ Says It All- Via One Illustration!! & Atlas Shrugged the Movie

BTW- I was blessed by Micheal Ramirez-he viewed my site and wrote a complimentary statement--I have it in my special scrap book--

I highly recommend the movie Atlas Shrugged--I read the book while at University--long ago (-:
When you view - note the subtleties--she pulls up to get gas @ $25 a gallon--being one--
trailer for pt 2 -

Is it time for those of us who work and create to SHRUG!?


Ema Nymton said...


"Is it time for those of us who work and create to SHRUG!?"

Go for it! What is keeping you from moving to Somalia and living the 'John Galt Utopia' dream?

When you "SHRUG", who will notice or care? (It is not like you provide any service the world cannot live without.)

Feel free to live an 'Atlas Shrug' lifestyle of "I got mine; forget you", free of laws, order, traditions, and customs.

Ema Nymton

christian soldier said...

My dear liberal--Somalia - REALLY- I don't have to go there to see continued corruption - all I have to do is go to Detroit - the once beautiful "Parlor City" now a total DUMP -- becausssssse- it was the first to give folks taxpayer $$$$ to have children out of wed lock--ADC--the first major "welfare" city--

Have you been to Detroit lately?

You take photos and live on the Atlantic side of the U.S.--how about going up to Detroit and taking some photos of the destitution and destruction that your "progressive" ilke helped establish--

Believe me--the creative producers of the world will be missed--
Will you be one of them--?!

WomanHonorThyself said...

loved that book too hun!

Marine4Ever said...

I've been shrugging so much, I've got a hump back. And enjoy every minute of it. I lean so far to the right, I have to carry a 2x4 with me to prop myself up.

christian soldier said...

W-you should see the movies 1 and 2--3 is coming-

M4E-I - too - have been 'shrugging' - realized that I can't "fix" anything--time to make $$$ and find "John Gault" !!:- )