Monday, November 18, 2013

Seals Betrayed By DoD - Brass-Regime & Last WW I Soldier-111 years old - Had Insights On WAR-

 My Friends- Who Wins By Promoting WAR??--over the generations--2000 ++ years of WAR--

Guess I'll have to start an Historical search based on the FOLLOW THE MONEY theory--

The Last WW I Veteran --I was surprised to learn that he and some of his fellows vowed not to kill- so- he became a hero by wounding  the 'enemy'...

 TERRORISTS given better treatment than our Seals...Video and excellent article:
Seals and other of our BEST have been  Betrayed-by our government - and not just the bho regime---
Why Do Our BEST Continue to Volunteer!!!

George Washington Warned the new Republic to "STAY OUT OF THE AFFAIRS OF EUROPE" and-
my take--
every where else--
How did the US become the world's protector and POLICE!?
Follow the MONEY????? 


Kid said...

Carol, Why do our best continue to volunteer?

What an excellent question. The people I know who volunteered did so for a purpose, not for a political cause or administration or persona. None of that mattered to them.

The Marine I know told me the Marines pride themselves on doing more with less. Some might see that as a negative, many would, some like me see it as a positive in the sense that the person is committed to fighting -and dying if need be, for his comrades and for America. They are fighting for what they believe in and I think live more in 1 day what most of us do in a year or maybe a lifetime.

-Just my take based on a few people.

Makes me remember what pilots are told when they go Solo - No one down here can help you with a problem at 10,000 feet.

I do wonder where these men and women will come from as time rolls on though.

Mustang said...

Mr. Patch is not wrong, but only partly right. War is a terrible thing, but it is not the most terrible of things. I would rather die in combat so that my family could remain free, than to live under the jackboot of an aggressor. Nevertheless, he suffered mightily in that damn war, and he is entitled to his opinion.

As an aside, inflicting casualties on the enemy, rather than killing them outright, adds to their problems. It is easier to bury a cadaver than it is to care for a wounded man. On the other hand, many a good man has died under the surgeons knife, and so we should wonder if we did the enemy any favor by only wounded him.

CS … did you hear about the Christmas of (I think) 1915? Germans and Tommy’s refused to fight over the Christmas Holiday and they even met with one another in no-man’s land and sang Christmas hymns.

Semper Fi

christian soldier said...

K- most -including family members- who volunteered after 9-11- did so w/ honor- to fight a known enemy--
now they are told to train that enemy - which then attacks them on base--
and- the RoEs force them to hold back and be shot themselves--(Lone Survivor comes to mind) --
and I also look at the long picture and ask- who gains by continued war-- over the centuries-
a rather Biblical question at this point..

christian soldier said...

M-I did read about the Christmas truce--and I think it happened in WW II as well--

My question at the end of the post is a question that I asked the Creator - I know the religious pablum answer-
-but- am no longer 'buying' that--

still waiting for the 'still small voice' ..

Kid said...

C-CS, Yea, I don't know what we're doing in Afghanistan.

I think this explains it pretty well.

I knew about the Christmas truce in WWI, but not WWII. I think the one in WWI truly exemplified the idea that a bunch of men were forced to fight and kill each other for not very good reasons. Some German dude got whacked. I may be over-simplifyng.

Kid said...

PS, That link is to a great website that writes military satire daily. I enjoy being on their mailing list.

christian soldier said...

and Kid- thank you for the intro to the new site--(-: