Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why A Compliant Officer Corps? Meet Jose-From a Commie Country - Boldly Speaking Against the Tyranny of UN Agenda 21 -He has A copy of the Constitution In His Hand

 I believe that the Officers who honor their Oath are being purged -because the regime wants the military to turn against the citizens of the US--

Hear this man from a communist country- He has a copy of the Constitution in his hand --""God Bless America -God Damn the United Nations!"

See other videos on Aganda 21 --UN..

I present this because of another post about the purge of the officer Corps..

I have posted often on the deterioration of our Military..and the purge of Officers who honor their Oath - which does include the word -CONSTITUTION - but- does NOT include the word President!!
Saying that- you now know why I believe the Office Corps is being purged...


TS/WS said...
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TS/WS said...

The U.N. has everything to do with the Health Care take over.
They are trying to put us in CHECK--Not Mate Yet!
Mate will be after sneaking in
Russian and maybe Chinese troops,
who knows what kind of uniform they will be wearing.
The Roooskys are to be the security at the Super Bowl, and the Chinese will be lockstepping Marching across Hawaii. See Sig's blog
It Don't Make Sense

WomanHonorThyself said...

amen Carol!!! Have a great one my friend :-)

christian soldier said...

TS- we in the US are in deep -you know what!!!