Friday, November 15, 2013

Two Today-1.) High School Senior Takes on the awful Common Core - and - 2.) Property Rights No Longer -Life Liberty PROPERTY

You all know that the Ed system has failed because the govt wants our young to be dumbed down- RIGHT>>
My comment at Crusader Rabbit:
Guess what is the first to go w/ c core? – –art and music-
guess who need art and music- the most intelligent- but- often- hyperactive boys-
Reading-Writing – Arithmetic- Logic-True History and the ARTS–
We get those and we will not need to drug (retalin) our brightest!
HOMESCHOOL – as I did –
after ten years of teaching – I knew that the basics were being phased out!
Before the wording was changed to appease the issue of slavery - PROPERTY was the word used in the original Declaration of Independence --
Life Liberty PROPERTY!
Be warned my friends- the govt has been and will be coming after your PROPERTY:

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