Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tyranny In College Football -Concussed Player Called A Pussie After Telling His Coach of Headaches-Coach Had Issues-

Frostburg State football player pressured back on field after blows to the head dies:

At least read to the page where it states the issues the coach had w/ the law--
What do you all think about this?--

I- Carol- was trained to over come pain- that is what athletes do-- but-the issue of  head injuries were treated with great concern-SO-

I am glad that the parents are suing - after two years of trying to find answers and the cover-up by Frostburg State  --

Same link as above-


Mustang said...

I understand competition, but I think too many have lost sight of the obvious here. Football is a game. People who play this game (and others) assume a certain risk. We simply cannot devise a contact sport that isn’t dangerous to some extent. We should applaud our athletes for “sucking it up” and pushing themselves to the limit, but we should not applaud anyone who doesn’t know that that limit is. Head injuries are serious. Anyone who doesn’t know that shouldn’t be coaching contact sports, or playing contact sports. At the high school level, the people who push young athletes past the limit are mostly parents who, in my view, probably belong in jail. That’s my opinion.

christian soldier said...

M-I appreciate your takes-
My guess is that he pushed himself at the high school level--
and tried to survive his last (Sr year) season at the University level carry on w/ his goal to enter government service--CIA I believe I read...

Sam Huntington said...

I wonder why anyone would want to work at the CIA under the Obama administration ... May as well get a sweatshirt with a big target on your back.

highboy said...

This kind of stuff is just stupid. A coach can get respect without calling a kid a "pussy". I'm all for old school coaching but old school coaches didn't say that kind of crap.

christian soldier said...

SH- sadly- he will not be working for the CIA--- he's dead-
as to the regime- you know where I stand on that issue !

HB- I totally agree!