Tuesday, January 14, 2014

GATES Has New Job-Head of Boy Scouts of America-Gay Change-Don't Trust Gates


 New counter group -to replace the former honorable no more -  Boy Scouts -

BTW-why did no 'conservative' pundits question Gates - For not coming forth sooner in his supposed 'compassion' for our military BEST--HMMMMMM
the only one who did was Dakota Meyer - last night on FOX
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Mustang said...

The same thing occurred to me, as well. If the behaviors within the White House were so egregious, why didn’t Mr. Gates resign long before he did? Why didn’t he make all these despicable acts known to the American people in advance of the 2012 election?

I am troubled by this, Carol … but I cannot get inside Mr. Gates’ head. It is possible that he stayed on out of a sense of duty to the troops —certainly Panetta as his replacement was no step up. Perhaps he had committed to Obama for a certain period of time. But as Gates rails about the lack of integrity in Congress, let us hope that he is not the pot that is calling the kettle black. Important caveat: I did not intend this as a racial slur. LOL.

Boy scouts, eh? Well, at least the hormone raging queers who wear the boy scout uniform will have something more exciting to do during a jamboree than previously. Will Mr. Gates wear his scouting uniform? Film at 11.

christian soldier said...

M-as a Mother of an Eagle- I can say that I was saddened by the BS 'fold' but- will be looking into the "new Scouts" via the link that I found...

Kid said...

Scouting is one of my favorite memories. Life Scout, moved on to different interests, didn't care for any of my fellow scouts - buttheads that they were/are, bla bla bla.

Anyway, to me it just seems the power of the dark side is strong these days...