Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lone Survivor -Box Office $38.5 MILLION This Weekend!!

Lone Survivor-the book- one of the most honest and best accounts of today's "wars" - the awful RoEs that are killing our BEST- READ IT-I did-when it first came out!

I will be going to see the movie soon-waiting for the crowds to thin out-
 the movie was carefully monitored by Marcus Luttrell=the Seal-who wrote the book--


Mustang said...

Few combat situations present a dilemma greater than this one, Carol; it is one of those situations that if you didn’t know better, you might imagine that Rod Serling dreamed it all up. What makes this a tragedy is the rules of engagement that made everyone wonder about the proper course of action. I am not going to try to second guess Lieutenant Murphy, but I would have considered holding on to those yahoos, and extracted them with me, rather than facing the greater than likely possibility that my troops would be killed. A real tragedy; and you know, given the way the American people have elected scumbags to high positions, in the White House and in Congress … we do not deserve such fine young men as these. We just don’t.

christian soldier said...

M-when I read the book - it was my 'assumption' (you know what ass-umtions are)
that the RoEs would not 'allow' them to hold the 'herders' ..