Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Youth Are Turning AGAINST Abortion-Students for LIFE

 This article brought a smile to my heart!!

The Pro Death cult (I do not use the word Choice) is losing!!



William Stout said...

Abortion is far more than merely a tragedy. It is a silent genocide. A genocide that was once proclaimed loudly by Jesse Jackson until he was paid to shut up and sit down. A genocide that is fully supported by Planned Parenthood who even to this day, carries out it's founder's negro project by accepting racist donations and pursuing black mothers with offers of abortion. A genocide compounded by Planned Parenthood employees who cover up child prostitution and statutory rape.

Abortion is a genocide that is fully endorsed by ethicists who argue that abortion should be legal until the age of twelve. Some even go so far as to argue for eighteen as the legal limit for killing your own young. We lose far more than the life that is snuffed out in the womb. We lose human potential. Among those 55 million dead, how many could have changed the world for the better? How many would have advanced the frontiers of science and medicine? We will never know.

Those who advocate for abortion are the advocates of death. They argue that it is better to kill your own offspring than to be forced to accept responsibility for your choices. An argument that only serves evil. This is not about right and wrong, it is about life and death. It is about what is right and what is wrong, and abortion is wrong. Every abortion is a human sacrifice in the name of secular humanism, and it is evil.

There is no question that those aborted have a soul, and the mother's who aborted their own children will one day see them again, and they will have to explain themselves. Let us hope that they can be forgiven by those they have murdered.

christian soldier said...

W-thank you for your excellent input!