Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CA TAxapyers -Fined if Water Drains From Driveway- POT GROWERS USE More Water Than SF- NO FINE-Follow The Money-

and the POT GROWERS are Murdering Fish !!! - By Draining Rivers and 'stuff'-
I just "stole my comment that I  left at Mustang's site-:

The hypocrisy/lies never end- and- here's one for you all- CA has a huge water shortage and the lefties always say they are looking out for the environment- yet - we Californians are threatened w/ fines for watering- yet the POT Growers use more water than SF -and killing fish species by draining rivers here in CA- Guess my adage - "follow the money" holds true here- who in power gets the money?!and POWER over the citizens!?>>>


Kid said...

Things this stupid have to be intentional

christian soldier said...

K-'yup' they are intentional-set by our 'royal' govt.

Z said...

Who's the DRIVEWAY POLICE now?
And, remember when there was a law about watering the concrete? Our gardeners are still watering the concrete, believe me.

My blood continues to run cold when I remember a SF City Councilman bemoaning the final decision to virtually dry up the Central Valley for a fish that could have become extinct (which apparently thrives in the Pacific NW, by the way)..I'll never forget he told Hannity "What makes me so curious is why the council has fought for years to find ways to close down our Central Valley."

That statement didn't get examined. But it sure stopped ME in my tracks. WHY?

christian soldier said...

Z- the Central Valley farmers are mostly Constitutional Conservatives-
the commie libs want them to go away-
I am for a separation of this state-then - I'll move north/east- to the Central Valley-

William Stout said...

It seems that each generation falls for the same lies and deceit that the previous generation fell for. Thus does the left rise to power periodically. But the results are always the same: corruption, lies, malfeasance, and hypocrisy. At least those have been my observations since the '70's.

christian soldier said...

W- it is a plan- alinsky-ayers- h clinton-
time for us in the US to get at it!!
AMERICA- the movie great!!