Tuesday, July 15, 2014

WOODPILE- ART- Wonderful / thought filled artilces

This is "sticky" because it will take a few days for me and you to read the erudite post- BTW- I love Woodpile - and look forward to the art piece at the head of the very long series of thoughtful articles--
Artist for today
The Little Knitters
Albert Anker 1892
Albert Anker (Ins, Switzerland 1831-1910) was a popular and successful painter of Swiss village life and still lifes in the 19th century. Illustration work steadied up his income. He's often referred to as Switzerland's National Painter, so enduring is his popularity


TS/WS said...

Some stills are so life like.
The girls hair over her ear,
the boys hand (right) holding the yearn.

christian soldier said...

The "old" type of art is the rising "new" and I am going back to it!!