Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Real Gun Control-Teachers Train w/ Guns to Protect Their Students-

Read the article / watch the teachers in training--tough training!


William Stout said...

While we can train teachers to use firearms to combat an armed threat in their schools, Israel's program may prove to be a better one. They select volunteers and place them in schools to protect them from terrorists. While all Israelis are ex-military and armed by the State to form a reserve corps, we can train and arm volunteers, once they have passed a background check, and essentially do the same thing.

Either way, we will protect our children from thugs trying to murder them at school. The point that seems lost in all of this is that we have changed as s people. When I was a boy, such things were nearly unheard of. In fact, during hunting season at my High School, it was not uncommon to see a shotgun hanging in the back glass of a pickup in the student parking lot. I was on the school's rifle team and we kept arms and ammunition on school grounds.

As morality has loosened, and Christ has become less important, it would seem that there is a heavy price to pay for such luxuries. I liked it better the old way.

christian soldier said...

WS- I liked the "old days" better too---most of us were trained to use rifles - either by our Fathers- or - at school--no 'mass shootings' then - and - Christ was there as well--maybe not outwardly- but- we brought Him to school w/ us--

Kid said...


And yes, the times they are a Changed.