Sunday, July 27, 2014

US Border Agents Point Guns at Boy Scouts Returning To the US-from Canada-

 but let the illegals "free flow" across out Southern Border--
Read the article and the comments- my Friends--Militarized Tyranny has already come to the US via our own government--

addendum-I am placing my comments  from the gateway post because they were among the first and the first have been overshadowed by many others- which is a good thing-over 1000 comments w/ the last getting over 1000 LIKES  So - here  are my comments which were among the first  (-:

and the 'agent' took a camera w/ photos of the incident-that belonged to a Scout-Where is it>>>?
SUE the B----tards--
and-Charles V- of the Scout council said that -the Scouts had "..a great lesson in civics>"
REALLY- you stand w/ the out of order Border Patrol agent over your Scouts--
BTW- send those Border Control agents to the Southern  Border-see how they treat illegal folks!! probably w/ kid gloves!!
This post by Jim has garnered the attention that is necessary to wake up the US citizens!!


William Stout said...

Well isn't that just great. Come over the Southern border illegally and get treated like a king. But an American citizen who happens to be taking luggage off of the top of a vehicle gets a gun pointed at his head. You can't make this stuff up.

Why do we treat illegals with kid gloves coming over our Southern border, but treat American citizens as criminals coming over our Northern? So much for sanity in the United States.

Ed Bonderenka said...

" So much for sanity in the United States."
There is no sanity clause.

Z said...

I can't comment; it wouldn't be ladylike.

Ed.."no sanity clause." WELL said.

christian soldier said...

W-your question is one I have been asking for 15+ years...

christian soldier said...

E-nor any logic-

christian soldier said...

Z-'ladylike' - I'm starting to give up on being a "lady"--I'd rather be like the woman who stood up in the Lutheran church in germany - and scolded the "leaders" of that church for having an imam "preach"--