Tuesday, December 29, 2015

and THEY Say Pit Bulls are Mean-the Only MEAN Animals Are the HUMANS who Torture Them

I introduce you to Caitlyn:


Kid said...

Yes, it is how they are raised. We've had pit bulls, dobermans, rottweilers, all babies, all willing to help with our orphan kittens when we were fostering them.

christian soldier said...

K- I just read that pits were bred to watch the children of royals- would the parents of future heirs trust a "mean" dog with their children- NO--
I'm looking for a dog - after having as many as five on my 1/2 acre --empty w/o one--lots of pits here in CA--at the shelters--(-:

Kid said...

PS - There is almost nothing worse than an animal abuser. I'd love to see much stiffer penalties for the abusers.