Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Islam-Immigration Prohibited- via --INA -June 27, 1952 -

Read a little at a time- as I did--We've been lied to - again- by our supposed " professionals"  -in our government--or- maybe they have not even studied the law - INA - esp. Chapter 2-Sect 212--

I N A == Immigration and Nationality Act --June 27, 1952


Always On Watch said...

Why aren't any of the GOP candidates bringing up this information?

WomanHonorThyself said...

what a horror Carol...Happiest holidays to you despite it all! xoxox hugsssssssss!!!

Kid said...

Wow, Great Post. I did not know that. Man, we've been flushed so far down it seems we'll never get back.

AOW, Why have I not heard anyone in the GOP or Trump for that matter stating that the FBI says openly that they cannot tell you whether a 'syrian asylum seeker' is ISIS or not. What the hell?

Always On Watch said...

It's either ignorance or obfuscation.

christian soldier said...

I kept waiting for FOX or ??? to bring this up--nothing--
guess it is up to us bloggers to push the issue and - thus - the truth--