Saturday, December 5, 2015

Joe Miller - West Point- Veteran- and a True Follower of the Constituion - ENJOY (-:

Joe is West Point-a Veteran- and devoted husband and father-
He ran and was winning against a RINO R named lisa murkowski--
the RINO elites sent a 'crew' to Alaska- to form a write - in campaign for little Lisa murkowski  the RINO--and they 'won'--
Since that election -
I have been 'following' Joe Miller via his blog -
You will enjoy listening to a true Constitutionalist-it is worth 11 minutes of your time  ...


Mustang said...

I enjoyed his remarks very much, Carol. Thank you for posting it. I hope he stays in the political ring, don't you?

christian soldier said...

M- It is my hope that he runs again-- I supported him w/ $$ on his first run- but knew that when the elites went up there- he would be sabotaged-
It happened here in CA when Congressman Dannemyer was running for Senate and winning - and the CRP and RNC came along and put up M. Huffington--many old time Rss who had worked for many years for the party - became frustrated-stopped working for the party and the election -- Huffington "won" the R primary but lost the main election --we got D. Feinstein- thanks to the R elites--
That is when I wrote the thesis about the rhino infiltrating the party - changed it to RINO..will re-post the 1993 thesis someday--

Mustang said...

Feel free to send it to me and I'd be happy to post your thesis at "A Texas View".