Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Billionaire Who Wants the "Wealthy Middle Class" and Other People Dead - Is Now Dead->>Global Warming >>BTW-bho Cost Us in the US $2 Million for "Climate Change "conference >>


So you know how he thought--(kind of like Pres. bho - another climate changer) I give you a very telling  quote from the article-
In  his 2000 autobiography Where Are We Going? he projected that by 2031 two thirds of the world’s population might have been wiped out. This, he chillingly described as:
“A glimmer of hope for the future of our species and its potential for regeneration.”
 PLEASE read the entire article  - it will make your heart race--and that is good when going  into battle for FREEDOM from these morons--

and- bho cost us int the US $2 MILLION --Motorcade alone cost 4784,825_


Kid said...

What don't people understand about global warming being a subversive tactic to create a puke city global socialist craphole.... Man, I'm glad I'm not a young kid today because these idiots are not going to figure it out until they are completely trapped in this sewer.

christian soldier said...

our youth are not ale to recognize a lie - and- I must say- neither can many of our other age groups--