Sunday, January 3, 2016

Another Land Grab By the "ROYALS" in Government-Life Liberty - P R O P E R TY - Original Words of the Declaration -Did You Know That We are Under Admiralty Law (british) -Look at Last Link on this Post

Life - Liberty PROPERTY!! original words of the Declaration --why property ? because the 'royals' of England could confiscate private property for their own use --sadly - our Founders 'compromised' and changed the wording --and-=yes- I know why they did--but -wish they had not --

Oregon ranchers terrorized by the US govt- BLM - FWS and et al --Some are standing strong against the tyranny - 

If you care about your freedom to own property -- then read the linked post -- this tyranny is happening everywhere in this country-some are standing up against it--be prepared for the Patriots standing strong to be labeled by the leftist commies as terrorists--

and remember Kelo vs. New London Connecticut where eminent domain was un-Constitutionally mandated by the SC  (Supreme Court ) --taking private property for private use!!>>>then the business owners never used it because >>>I wrote about it on this site -was outraged at the time ..

h/t TW