Thursday, January 28, 2016

Time To Do Battle -- No More Apologizing - to the Left nor to the Right-

This is one of the best takes I have ever read --and- if you look to my 'cartoons' on the right side of this site - you will see that I saw it coming years ago--the donkey and the elephant riding on the backs of the citizens-

and an  excerpt from the above link-

"While our countries were being given away, while we were becoming outnumbered in our homelands, while our young men were being emasculated and our young women were turned into whores, while our children were being abandoned to immigrant gangs, or aborted and chopped up and sold for research, while we were held hostage to the unsustainable welfare bill of feral urban blacks… What did you do to stop it?"

thank you for the heads up CR -


Ed Bonderenka said...

Been fighting it for years.
Prayer and argument.

christian soldier said...

EB-as have I - thinking about taking a break - since- I do not see a 'reform' anytime soon--