Friday, January 29, 2016

Trump Veterans' Event- Millions Raised For Our Veterans--

There are longer versions - you can go to youtube for them--
Thank you JAWA for this-
-if anyone wants "fair and balanced" -go find the fox debate your self!!
I never want to see megyn kelly again--

and- you all know how much I honor and love our vets and their families--
and-WOW - listen for the amount of $$$ raised so far--MILLIONS for our VETS


Kid said...

Well, I hope he took the effort to find worthwhile charities (plural) to deploy the money to, rather than wounded warrior who spends 40% at least - of the money on themselves.

Go to charity navigators to easily get a handle on worthwhile charities. I've been donating to SoldiersAngels who last year (2014) spent more on their programs than they took in. I guess they had some money left over from 2013.

christian soldier said...

I support Soldiers' Angles as well - posted awhile ago that WWP was not to be supported--
several were mentioned - no WWP--
He also had 1 Vet who lost a leg and two others speak and he gave them a good amount of time--
thank you for the tip on charity navigators...