Thursday, January 28, 2016

comments on women and christian church - and Russian MEN in germany - Taking Rape Matters in their own heands-

13 year old Russian/German girl raped - Russian MEN killed the rapists-
my take- it is about time -

and this take on the rape of german women - and a Condel take- which led to my comment at the AOW site --the Christian Church has a lot to answer for--

My Comment at AOW>>
9-11 terrorists trained in Hamburg --
muslim 'cells' in Virginia - learned of this from a blogger who intimated that he was threatened - 2008 - blog exists no longer--

I remember women having to cover their heads in "Christian" churches--
Women shackled to jail cells -1920- for peacefully marching for the right to vote--(terrorists at Gitmo are treated better than our  women were back then) --
The Christian church has a lot to answer for-- and the weakness it is showing now toward muslim tyrants is reprehensible ..


Kid said...

Carol, I enjoyed hearing about the Russian men taking care of business. You sure are not going to fight savagery with a$$ kissing.

christian soldier said...

K -you are right on that !