Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Answer to the Hight and Mighty in the EU

To me -acting locally-means -walking precinct-supporting HONORABLE candidates-running fund raisers for them in my home----etc.
NOT lynching anyone!

The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute put out a 2009 calendar titled _Pretty in MINK_..I obtained several for my board -LALFL- and for my other conservative friends....

I noticed that I was blessed to attend 'first' speeches from some of the conservative women 'starring' in the calendar---
I've been in this a LOOOONG time
One of my fiends suggested -today that I take a 'rest'...
My answer was ..NO..

I must stay in the fray
Til the day
that the Lord
takes me

God Bless the USA--We're NOT going away!

I'm getting REALLY tired of the 'high and mighty' in europe (lcop) thumbing their noses at we-the citizens of the USA!

CLEAN up your own- VERY dirty -house before you diss the USA!


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