Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Troop Response to Cards-Letters and Packages/Have Kleenx Ready...

The Troops Respond:
The troops express their appreciation for Operation Gratitude Care Packages through a constant flow of letters, e-mails and pictures, as seen in the Mail Call and Photo Gallery sections of the website.
"On the morning of Thanksgiving we were all a little down. Then later that day, we received your boxes. I can't begin to tell you the gratitude we all felt and the smiles that it put on the faces of all the soldiers here. But the thing that touched us the most wasn't the content of the boxes. The thing we were most proud of and what touched us all the most was the enclosed card with a picture off all the great Americans there waving and smiling at us. The entire mood changed and our Thanksgiving was Thanksgiving again. We all ate "Army Food" for Thanksgiving and talked about everything you guys sent, but again the talk kept going back to the card and the obvious support and love and care that your group sent. We noticed young, old, disabled, moms, dads, sons, and daughters. And we could also pick out the ones that have even served themselves, they just have that look!! Please tell all of them from the bottom of the heart of many soldiers located in an isolated forward operating base in Iraq, we received their gratitude on Thanksgiving day when we needed it the most. We may be serving here in Iraq but you guys are the Heroes. Thank You Again with the deepest Respect, Major K.O."

"I just received your package. I wanted to take this time to thank you for your thoughts, and more importantly your time. We are doing a job that our country has called us to do, and you are making that job easier. I am not much of a "candy man." However, I wanted you to know that I put it to good use. Today, on mission, I took the candy and gave it to as many children as I saw. You can not imagine the smiles of these kids who have nothing, and surely have never had candy. My heart nearly melted completely, when a little girl from Kirkuk blew me a kiss and said thank you!!!! It is the little things in life that make the difference. Keep up the work and know that it is making a difference!!! Thanks again!! Sincerely, Specialist B.Q

There are two great organizations that I support;
Operation Gratitude and Operation Support Our Troops.(OSOT)..

I also have a couple of Best of the Best friends that I send greetings to.

My prayers and thanks to our BEST OF THE BEST!!



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