Friday, December 12, 2008

Two Kinds of Military Leader/Lead From The Front OR REMF-Which is Powell

Colin Powell has served himself well....and is no friend to the US...citizen....
But-I'll let you make up your mind into which category he should be placed---

LFTF or REMF-you choose...

And for those leaders-statesmen and military -who led from the front!:


Z said...

Thanks for listing me on your blogroll, Carol! I'll do the same for you!
I DO draw, as you suggested..not enough, but I do!
I've been hammering my husband to send me a file of my stepdaughter's wonderful photographs so I can sketch one and watercolor it for her for Christmas! Looks like I'll be doing it the day BEFORE she arrives on the 22nd as he's been too busy to remember and I'm tired of nagging!!
Your work's nice..
I'm glad you enjoy geeeeZ!

christian soldier said...

Z-We always put off our art for 'more important' things-don't we?
The watercolor from your stepdaughter's photos will bring joy to you and to all those around you..have fun!