Sunday, December 11, 2011

ART-Do the Big $$$ "Collectors" Know How to Select Art on Their Own?

I have been questioning how the big $$$ "art" collectors select their art 'treasures'--Do they really choose what they find appealing or do they 'trust' a typical "I'm a professional and I know what is best for you!" dealer---
Here is a quote from an article I have just read and linked---It seems my question has been answered and it is very revealing- Big $$$ collectors rely on the 'professional' to tell them what they
should like and BUY---whether the art is really excellent or not---!!!
"If I stop being on good behaviour for a moment, my dark little secret is that I don't actually believe many people in the art world have much feeling for art and simply cannot tell a good artist from a weak one, until the artist has enjoyed the validation of others – a received pronunciation. For professional curators, selecting specific paintings for an exhibition is a daunting prospect, far too revealing a demonstration of their lack of what we in the trade call "an eye""


Kid said...

That's certainly true and extends to more than art. hint:oblabber getting elected.

But while we're on the subject, I wouldn't give you $1 for a Picasso, but I do value most of the masters works.

spreadeaglepatriot said... most things in life is a relative term. I'm still in the ooooo that's purdy stage. LOL

I'm wondering in this age of peeing on a crucifix being ok if art is not dead in the main stream.

Simple people, like me, who work hard every day just to make poke and grit for breakfast may end up saving the art world.

We sculpt and paint life every day!
We appreciate what it takes to paint and sculpt and know that the hands and minds behind the art dedicate their being to making it happen just like we do in life every day!

True artists, not the ones subsidised buy the government, never get appreciated enough.

Art should never be locked away in a vault somewhere. We have a room dedicated to "art". The walls are in dire need of more and I'm building a builtin on one wall 20ft wide to give a few sculpted peices a home.

I'm betting Picasso will probably never be seen in our home unless I take a print and "brush" it with some lead based "paint".

Thank you Carol for what you do. Your work from what I've seen is wonderfull.

republicanmother said...

I've been wondering for a while if the whole modern art thing isn't just a fancy way to launder money.
These Elites that give us all the bogus regulations and lobbyist are also the only ones that have $$ to spend on sloppy squares and triangles. The must laugh their behinds off at these social climber wannabes that nod their heads in agreement of the "style" of sloppy slop slapped on canvas.

Leticia said...

I only know of a few artists, but I must say that I absolutely love the works of Edgar Degas. Brilliant man.

christian soldier said...


My friend told me several years ago that folks who buy art as an 'investment' - buy what the 'experts' tell them to buy --an not what they really like---He was right---