Sunday, December 4, 2011

GUNS=Peace & Stability-Dutch Miltiary Leader

My DAD-(DUTCH -Irish) 4 years in the Pacific-WW II -taught us kids how to SHOOT--
He took us to the gravel pits w/ his own targets-
One pit -we had to cross a small river- SO- he threw empty cans into the river (the days BEFORE PC-greeeeeeeen)- - and taught us how to shoot at a moving target and HIT IT!!!
Didn't appreciate my DAD as much then as I do now--- :- (
and - getting to appreciate my Dutch/ Irish DNA as much as my Danish DNA----

Remind me to tell you about my Irish Grandfather who had tears when he 'met' my first horse-seems his family bred some of the finest horsed in Canada-I did not know that !!!til I was in my 20s!!! (I had to wait til then-no extra $$$ for horses when I was younger) No wonder I LOVE HORSES-that - too- is in my DNA code!
My family was very 'close to the vest' ...and did not tell much about their bragging-you know!'


Leticia said...

Carol, those are great memories with your dad. You are very lucky.

christian soldier said...

I do miss my Dad-more and more--