Sunday, December 25, 2011

CHRISTians-STOP Being NICE=Ann Barnhardt

I've been saying this for a very long time-CHRISTians STOP Being N I C E - as well as - CHRIST was/is - NO Whimp-
Ann says the same - and- that- islam is a fake "religion" w/ NO Constitutional 'rights'--
Come on Christians- read the koran - as research -if for no other reason-
also-watch the video-Three Things About islam-taquiyya-'one may LIE to further the cause of islam' -
Ann's excellent take-


republicanmother said...

What is so interestng about this to me is that one the one hand Lindsey Graham plays the "don't criticize Islam card" and on the other he will say the Islamic terrorist threat is so great that we all need to surrender our freedoms to fight it. Sounds like controlled conflict to me. The goal is to get us all to surrender our rights.

If we really wanted to attack Islam , the Bible is a more sure weapon than any two-edged sword. It really breaks my heart when our military "leaders" tell troops to burn Bibles and stymie advanced of Gospel truth into these spiritually dark countries.

My advice: stop importing Muslims for pete sakes - but the UN is telling us we have to take them in - got global government?

GW said...

I agree with her take. In that same vein, I invite you to read

Dan from NY boils it all down to a few sentences.

Leticia said...

Absolutely, positively agree! Ann is spot-on!

christian soldier said...

RM- agreed-the PC must GO-it endangers our Christian brothers and sisters and our military personnel ..

GW-thank you for the link and for stopping by---

L- I would love to meet Ann- she and I think alike---

christian soldier said...

GW- I have had your site on my roll for some time-always enjoy your takes---

Kid said...

It's not a religion by any stretch of the imagination.

AmericanVet said...
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AmericanVet said...


Wow wow wow!

I did a post awhile back about why we should NOT be nice but somehow this blog and Ann Barnhardt had both flown under my, er, radar. She has more cajones than 95% of the Republicans in DC right now and I am being (darn, another pun) Conservative!

Happy New Year, Carol! This is one of the two online ID for the guy who writes the radaractive blog. I am most pleased to make your virtual acquaintance!

I made a spelling mistake that would be a bad word in Spanish, had to redo...