Monday, December 19, 2011

bho is a Turncoat & Hero of Czech Republc -Vaslav Havel Has Died..

An historical overview of bho's actions regarding our allies-
h/t Crusader Rabbit and his comment --ors:
bho the Turncoat:

AND-an hero who fought against communism - went to jail for his love of freedom - and became Pres of the Czech Republic has died-and BTW- notice that our ally- the Czech Republic- is also mentioned in the Whittle video- bho the Turncoat (link above) Havel has died


Kid said...

Yea, what a moron. Even clinton never suggested going back to indefensible borders.

clinton actually offered arafat in the last days in the White House, 5,000 per month for each palistinian from now til the end of time if they'd stop fighting. Fortunately, they didn't take the deal. Imagine how that would feel to each taxpayer.

christian soldier said...

K-never thought I would say this-but-bho is more debauched than clinton-
thanks for the remdinder on clinton's offer of 'Dane geld' to arafat---