Saturday, March 29, 2014

Girl's Speech on Abortion Blows Her Pro-Death Teacher Away-

Right On !!


Kid said...

Wow. Thanks Carol.

Always On Watch said...

Off topic: Jihad Alert -- right now in the United States and military related!

William Stout said...

The trouble with the abortion debate is that it is no longer a debate. Abortion supporters now sport a commitment to abortion on a level of zeal not seen outside of religious circles. They ignore reason, they ignore facts, and they ignore the bloodshed that they so vigorously advocate. As Ann Coulter once pointed out, abortion is their human sacrifice to their dark god. Sometimes it is a god of selfishness. Sometime it is a god of convenience. Regardless, it is a religion dominated by Lucifer with the abortive sacrament performed in his honor.

The trouble with evil is that nobody recognizes it anymore. As Father Martin once said, the reason that people fail to recognize it is because if you do so, then you also assume the responsibility of fighting it. That is why horrors happen all over the world and most people just look on and do nothing. In my estimation, doing nothing about the slaughter of the innocent is a sin, and I see no difference between those who support the vile practice of abortion and the supporters of Mao, Stalin, or the Khmer Rouge because the ends are the same.