Sunday, March 2, 2014

In Memory of Andrew Breibart-

 Andrew Breitbart-we honor and salute you for your bold-unwavering  stand-for the Constitution and for FREEDOM!

Gateway Pundit has a take and many videos in the comment section-
My Take-
Many of us believe  that Andrew Breibart was murdered-I have to state it-


Jg. for FatScribe said...

Carol --

so, so, so miss this guy. gone waaaay too soon. just heard orson bean (his father in law) the other night on dennis miller show.

thx for the post honoring our pal!

post -- we finally got some much needed rain!!

christian soldier said...

JG-wow-so glad to 'hear' from you!
I miss him too-
Some of my new acquaintances know his family well- and a coupe of them were not surprised at my take as to his sudden death-

christian soldier said...

a couple of them-
time to stop typing geeez (-:

TS/WS said...

could not agree more

Marine4ever said...

It'll be interesting to see, when it's all over, who has the largest body count -- LBJ, Billy Bob Clinton or Obamohammad.

christian soldier said...

TS-I knew you would-thank you-

christian soldier said...

TS-I knew you would-thank you-

christian soldier said...

M4-the Dark Siders have a way of getting rid of those who oppose them don't they!!

TS/WS said...

I was talking about your typing.---NOT
I all ways said he had been set up --asked out for a drink---really???
I can tell you that Senator Coverdale and Tom Delay both were marked too!!!!! Delay survived with the help of the Security Guard.
Then they got him with a couple of false indictments. You heard he beat the RAP.?

Kid said...

killing people is standard operating procedure for the commies (democrat party)

They declared all out war on us. How many of us even know that?
They lie, the doctor images and video,they attack anything that looks conservative, and we think voting is the answer? Let alone voting for republicans?

It isn't.