Saturday, March 22, 2014

King James Version- My Favorite-KJV

 The King James version of the Bible is my favorite-
Consider this- the debauched/pervert King James- organized a group of great Christian scholars - (think of the number of lexicons  that were accessed !) to write a Bible translation that could be read by all-
Does God Have Sense   of Humor or What!! Using a debauched "royal" to make His Word accessible to the world --

Since I believe that poetry  must be read aloud  to get the full value of the message- I also believe that the Poetic --KJV of the Bible-- must be read aloud -to get the full value of God's Message--THUS- I have read the KJV MANY Times -Aloud!!

I Had my students and my Homeschooled Off-Spring- memorize this poem:

Poetry is the Wisdom of the Ages
It Can Be Found In Books-
On Certain Pages-
To Remove from It a Vagueness or a Cloud-
It Must Be Spoken Often and Aloud!

My Take:
Read the KJV aloud- It will become a welcome gift to Your Soul and Mind--

I just learned of Peter Ruckman who truly believes that the KJV is the truest translation of God's Word--
After  reading the information on  the link  above-- I found much information  on Peter Ruckman...
and I also  found it interesting that "pastors" try to degenerate congregants and call them Ruckmanites -
if they disagree w/ their  "pastor's" belief that other Bible translations are above the KJV---
Since I have seen the that type of small minded "pastor" many times-in many other scenarios-
I smiled when I read about Ruckman -and esp when I read the take in the link above--and the one at wikipedia:


TS/WS said...

After the Dead Sea Scrolls were found and scrutinized - proves the KJV is the translation that is most accurate. Of course there is some shortcuts the Monks made that you have to have a companion book or two of the meanings of the culture of those times.
I found "Fossilized Customs", by Lew White.
After explaining verses to some, they exclaimed "I just read over that because I did not know what it pertained to". And, It just tore open a new look at the WORD.
So much so, that when you hear the Liberals telling us what the Bible Says-you can see right through their
And, you will give up a lot of the old traditions foisted on us from our misguided older generations.
It's not their fault, these were handed down to them, and there were no info for them to research.
After the Rosetta Stone was figured out was when these translations became more accurate with companion Books [Strong's Concordance], and [Fossilized Customs].

christian soldier said...

TS-I always enjoy reading your knowledgeable/historical takes-on all issues--thank you for stopping by - my Patriot friend!

TS/WS said...

Check out my latest post. video
Maybe it's a guy thing---but I laughed my a off.
The look on those guys faces and their woman's. just try an splane it.